Ricky bild 7.jpg
I am standing in the middle of nowhere in total darkness. Everything is quiet. I want to photograph the silence.

Ricky Tillblad was born in Gothenburg in 1967. He studied graphic design in Lund, and has worked as a designer and musician since then. It seems entirely natural that his gaze is now being drawn to the surrounding world, and that photography and interpretation of an alternative reality are becoming yet another form of expression.

Being a night owl, night-time has always enticed and enjoined him to engage. The night opens up new dimensions. What is concealing itself under the veil of darkness? What sounds exist in the silence? Creating at night and interpreting its mystery are like capturing a fantasy. His images uncover what we otherwise never see. He combines layers of different exposures to present a reality that is otherwise not available to us. We get to visit a dream. These images were taken on Gotland, but they could easily have originated from anywhere there is darkness.